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Club Paperwork


Required Annual Chartering of 4-H Clubs – Every club must submit an online charter application through the Colorado 4HOnline system and upload documentation by Saturday, September 5, 2015, to 4HOnline.


Required documents can be found on the State 4-H Website at:  http://www.colorado4h.org/club-resources/index.php


If you need assistance scanning your documents into one PDF file, please schedule a time to visit Emily Killeen, 4-H Agent, in the Extension Office. You can contact Emily by phone at (719) 520-7685 or by e-mail at emily.killeen@colostate.edu.  


Please Note:  Only approved 4-H Clubs with documentation on file by the El Paso County 4-H Chartering Deadline of September 5, will be able to begin the enrollment process on October 16.


Due TBD:

  • Club Inventory Report: WORD
  • End of Year Reporting: WORD


Vibrant 4-H Clubs (Iowa State University Extension)
4-H Leads For Leaders (Colorado State University Extension)

4-H Literature, Manuals, Publications, Materials, etc.

Club Leaders are asked to place an order for their entire club at one time.

Attach a mailing label to the order form, have the correct payment, and bring into our office. We will assemble the order for you and the literature will be mailed directly to the address on the mailing label. If you forget to put a mailing label on the order form, the order will be sent to our office and you will need to come and pick it up. 

Fundraising Opportunity

updated 4/3/15