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El Paso County 4-H Youth Council: Last Updated 6/1/2016

The mission of the El Paso County 4-H Youth Council is to make the best of El Paso County 4-H better by being the representative voice for 4-H Youth.  This is the place for youth to take on an additional leadership role above and beyond their local 4-H club.  All 4-H members are invited to attend the youth council meetings and participate in our activities.  Participation in Youth Council opens up many opportunities for our 4-H youth including leadership opportunities at the district and state level, as well as travel opportunities to camps and conferences around the state, country and world!


2016 County Youth Council Representative Expectations

  • Participation is appreciated
  • Be on time when possible
  • Be inclusive
  • Be diligent
  • Be excited and enthusiastic
  • Communicate
  • Be a role model
  • Try to exude a positive yet practical attitude